CoStar (www.costarexperience.com & the CoStarExp App) is a globally leading digital fan engagement platform that enables fans to have exclusive access with their idols LIVE & face-to-face from anywhere in the world. 

CoStar’s unique technology solution and proprietary immersive live-video content capabilities brand an experience that’s unique, powerful and produced to enable a true connection between fans, celebrities and brands in a safe and controlled environment – creating a deeper connection through direct conversation. 





NEW YORK, NY, MAY 4, 2020 – The National Basketball Players Association (“NBPA”) and its for-profit subsidiary, THINK450, announced an exclusive multi-year partnership with PADLOKT Global Inc. (“PADLOKT”), making CoStar Experience the platform of choice to give fans unparalleled access to their favorite basketball idols of the NBPA through authentic, immersive LIVE video experiences and much more behind-the-scenes content focusing on the players of the NBPA.   


“Our partnership with CoStar is a great way for our players to connect with their fans on a personal level,” said Payne Brown, President of THINK450. “Most NBA fans around the world never have the opportunity to engage with their favorite Players. CoStar bridges that gap not only during these times of COVID-19 uncertainty but also hopefully well into the future which is very exciting.” 


THINK450 is launching a new channel on CoStar that is dedicated to joining members of the NBPA and their fans together through immersive FANCASTS - giving fans rare access to meet and talk LIVE & face-to-face with their basketball idols, the INSIDER SERIES episodes - showcasing the day-to-day lives and lifestyles of the players, and much more. 


“My ethos for CoStar has always been about giving all fans from all around the world the chance to meet, talk with and get to know their idols - experiences that can truly make a difference.  NBA players are a true representation of what global sports stars should be - personable, supportive of their fans and always willing to give back - the true power of this partnership,” said Trent Sydney, Co-Founder & CEO of PADLOKT.   


"Engaging with fans is always important to me. While we're not able to play or be out in the community right now, CoStar allows me to connect with people around the world and for them to get to know me in a more relaxed environment," said RJ Barrett, Shooting Guard, New York Knicks. RJ Barrett will be the program’s first live “450 LIVE Channel” FanCast, which is scheduled for May 13th. 

“That CoStar is dedicated to giving players the platform to engage the modern sports fans on a level they now expect is impressive,” said Eric Johnson, WON Worldwide and Head of Commercial, PADLOKT Global. “Watching games is just one part of the fan experience. Marketers need more than just running ads in a broadcast, everyone wants to be a part of the story.” 


CoStar (www.costarexperience.com & the CoStarExp App) is a globally leading digital fan engagement platform that enables fans to have exclusive access with their idols LIVE & face-to-face from anywhere in the world.  CoStar’s unique technology solution and proprietary immersive live-video content capabilities brand an experience that’s unique, powerful and produced to enable a true connection between fans, celebrities and brands in a safe and controlled environment – creating a deeper connection through direct conversation.  


About the NBPA 

The National Basketball Players Association is the union for current professional basketball players in the National Basketball Association (NBA). Established in 1954, the NBPA’s mission is to protect and support the rights and talents of our players, magnify the power of their collective will, and amplify their voices as leaders who will transcend sport and society globally. 

The NBPA advocates on behalf of the best interests of all NBA players, including the negotiation of collective bargaining agreements, the filing of grievances on behalf of the players, or counseling players on benefits, educational and post-NBA career opportunities. Business opportunities are generated by THINK450, the for-profit subsidiary of the NBPA charged with managing the players’ group licensing rights. 

Dedicated to preserving the legacy of its members, the NBPA Foundation provides support and assistance to persons, communities and organizations around the world that seek to improve the lives of those in need. 

About THINK450 

THINK450 is the for-profit subsidiary of the NBPA, focusing on innovative business opportunities in various industries including, content & media, grassroots events, licensing, marketing and technology— among others. In representing every current NBA player, THINK450 partners with leading companies and brands to help its members capitalize on the unparalleled value they bring as cultural influencers and community leaders. For more information, visit THINK450.com.