How It Works

What is a FanCast?

A FanCast is a live group video chat where you speak directly with your favorite Celebrities & Stars. 

How Do I Get Accepted?

You must submit a question via our question submission pages. To increase your chances your question should be non-traditional, unique, or interesting, we don't want normal reported like questions. The more fun and unique the question the more likely you’ll be selected.

What Happens in a FanCast?

Our FanCasts are a Fan’s dream experience when it comes to speaking with their idols.

To enter a FanCasts you simply submit a question related to the theme of the FanCast. These themes change each time so make sure you check them out! We then select the best questions to be involved in the FanCast.
After you're accepted, you click the link in the confirmation email we send to you before the event.

Once you're in the FanCast, you will see your Idol on video along with the other Fans in the digital room. You will be muted until it is your turn to speak. When it's your turn, don’t feel nervous! This is your time to talk and hang out with your favorite celebrity so don’t waste it on nerves, plus no one bites, your safe with us!

You will have one on one time with you Idol, but don't forget to share the spotlight there are other excited Fans who want to be the costar. When the FanCast ends, you are sent a survey along with your FanSnippet! FanSnippets are clips of you speaking with your favorite Star so you can share it across all of your social media accounts. Because you know - pics or it didn’t happen.

What If I Wasn’t Selected To Join? 

If you weren’t selected to join the FanCast you will receive an email from us letting you know. If you're not accepted we encourage you can watch the FanCast and submit a question for another or a future FanCasts.